Saturday, December 21, 2013

Better Lighting

Yeah, there's better lighting on this shot, and this angle really shows the weakness of the hair sculpt.

Adding Hair

The hair really is way off, but it's nice to see our Anime girl start to come together...

Initial placement of head

Trying to rough-out the head and face in my sweltering pick-up camper (85 degrees outside) is almost impossible with my oil clay turning to mush...  But I'm slowly getting it done.

Friday, December 20, 2013


Well, I spent a couple of hours getting back into Blogger and putting up a nice post.  I published, verified it, and went elsewhere.  Shortly later, my post is GONE.  Anyway, I'm not writing all that again.  Dammit.  ....I'm trying to tr

Friday, September 09, 2011

Wine and Jalapeno

A better photo of the painting. My first foray into the genre of still life, technically speaking. 5"X7", oil on canvas board, from life. Not for sale.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Daily Paintings

I'm now attempting to do "a painting a day" (or close to that). Here are the first two, already sold or promised away. The "Wine and Jalapeno" is 5X7 inches, and the "Toy Elephant" is 6X8.
I'll put following paintings on eBay, starting at $99.
Unfortunately, this month, I have some obligations which will dramatically distract me from painting each day. I'll do as much as I can until my time is freer.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mermaid Commission

click to enlarge:
I just posted these comments on Facebook, in regard to this painting:

"Inappropriate? I just did this commission over the weekend, per very specific requests by the client. I enjoyed bringing it to life, and concerned myself with color, shape, beauty, design, etc... But afterward, I realized that this was not simply a nude/fantasy study, it was a sexual tease. That lowers it from the classical tradition to something in the trailer park tradition, I suppose."

Anyway... It's acrylic on wood panel, 24" X 36"...

But, you know, as I do more and more paintings, I learn more and more, and I'm gaining confidence. But I have a serious problem: I'm making almost no money. Murals, portraits, signs, special little commissions... and of a high quality, it seems to me. Of course, I'm still LEARNING TO PAINT fundamentally, but I have the feeling that I'm HERE, I've made it! Woo-hoo! I can paint realistically! And... I'm freaking starving! Woo-hoo!

Honestly, today, I woke-up with no money AT ALL in my pocket or the bank, and little gas in the van. I drove to my studio (yes, I have a studio now) and finished the lettering on the mermaid sign. I then drove to the client's home. Not home. I so I drove back to my sailboat and parked. No breakfast, no lunch. Some tuna and rice on the boat, but I'm saving that for tonight so I'll have something in my stomach to help me sleep. I finally catch-up with the client in the afternoon. He loves it, but he wants it varnished. Cool. I drive by to the sailboat and park, because I'm nearly out of gas. I walk two miles to my studio and retrieve the varnish, and walk directly back to the sailboat, and varnish the painting. I then walk to the client's house, CARRYING the painting over my head. He loves it still, and says he'll pay me in a couple of weeks. I walk back to the sailboat, still broke, still hungry, and more and more disillusioned.

Anyway, later, I was given some food without even asking, which I devoured immediately.

Tonight, I have the very clear thought that I am finally a classical artist, and always will be, and that this is my life's intent... and that I'll never make a decent living doing it. I've never been a better artist, and I've never been so wretched.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Oil Portraits again

After a nasty rejection several months ago, I had more-or-less decided to take a break from portraits. I did NO art for 2 or 3 months, and made myself sick on a cheap diet of Ramen noodles and whatnot, basically insolvent financially. Then I got into murals a bit, but I'm not sure how much I enjoy murals, to be honest.


Recently, a sculptor acquaintance of mine wanted a pastel portrait of his neighbor's newborn, a little girl, but instead of pastel, I chose oil. I delivered it yesterday, on Christmas Eve, and all were pleased. And I am pleased. I enjoyed the act of painting again in oils, in a portrait. It went well in most of its stages. About 20 hours perhaps.

I'm realizing how much I disdain pastel, and that rough scratch-scratch-scratch, and that pastel chalky "smoke" which rises and gets in my mouth and nostrils and lungs... I LOVE the smell and feel of oil, however.

Anyway... The canvas was 24 X 18 inches, but the portrait area inside the white border is about 11 X 8. The reference photo, you see, was cropped just like this, and was about an inch or two wide, so I just painted what I saw, which is a lot easier then trying to imagine how the head and body were completed. The photo had a white border and a pink field surrounding it.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Residential Mural, first wall

Acrylic on cement block. This is a south-facing wall, and even in November it is too hot to touch. Miserable working conditions, and the paint was drying almost instantly as I stroked it on... but the overall effect came out OK. "Decorative palm trees and foliage, and a little southwestern motif sun... or something. Nice customers.