Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Digital Caricatures

Okay, so I haven't posted anything in several weeks. I've been in a funk, of sorts. After some lousy personal stuff, and missing the NCN Con, I've been hurting a little. I wasn't nice to be around.
Anyway, I'm feeling MUCH better.
I've been concentrating on LIKENESS when drawing, and thinking of this as my "challenge," rather than exagerration. And I think it's paying-off, finally. I'm getting fantastic responses lately, including a lovely private gig with several other artists, in which a number of guests (6 to 8) waited spefically for ME. Imagine! I was surrounded by terrific colleagues, and I more than held my own! I was really humbled by that (and filled with confidence).
A couple of years ago I briefly considered getting into digital caricatures, but haven't pursued it. But I've been thinking. So, tonight, I borrowed (my housemate) Wayne's graphics tablet and messed with the Photoshop brush tool for a couple of hours. By experimenting with the settings within PhotoShop and within the Wacom software drivers, I was able to get somewhat comfortable.
I really think I could do this with live caricatures. It seems to be just as fast as with real media. And I think digital caricaturing might have some excellent advantages. For one thing, it's a nice presentation with a projector and screen. That's a big attention-getter, and uncommon. And by creating a FILE automatically, the image can be put on a variety of objects, from paper to t-shirts and hats and mugs. Also, more than one copy can be printed, like when a couple is drawn. Plus, pre-drawn body situations can be brought in to the image, and mixed and matched with a variety of saved 2d elements. With practice, I'm convinced this can be done quickly.
I suppose the main point is, I'm again thinking of "going solo" with my own gigs. I'm in the middle of December, when people and businesses are having many parties and events, and I'm sitting at home. I'm thinking: I have real skills. Skills with great value. And I'm comfortable with the art. I'm reaching a kind of new plateau. People are CLAPPING, literally, sometimes. It's a joy, often, especially private gigs. ... And I'm not getting any younger. ... The one thing I hear is "overhead": digital caricatures require computer, tablet, printer, projector/screen. But I don't see that as a problem. I LOVE computer stuff. I built my own computer. I'd love to have a projector to play games. So that's not a problem. Besides, the "unique" quality of this type of entertainment is a competitive enhancement. What do you guys think?