Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Art of the last few months

I'm using the library computer (but now I've come back and edited the images so that they're upright). ... That first one is my return to pastel. If anyone wants one, 75 bucks!

The next one here is an oil I did of some dear friends of mine. They wanted a ship's wheel AND their sailboat in the background. I'm not altogether satisfied at the result:

And here I am hard at work on an oil last Christmas. That black-n-white girl in the background is a charcoal on newsprint.

Latest oil:

And I'm doing murals, finally. Well, a few, for almost nothing. Here's my first, a swimming pool pump house:

And that's that for now. I'm in the process of losing my boat and simply moving into my van. Ouch. Very broke, be I. If anyone wants any art, let me know! lol