Saturday, August 26, 2006

Mike Paglia

I'm not overly excited by this, but it has some good qualities.

One from tonight

This guy was Kennedy-esque, and loved the Celtics. He and his wife shook my hand, bought a frame, and gave me a hefty tip. Sweet. (Bad photo of him. His head is HUGE.)

Keelan Parham

Girl from Keelan's book

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Slow season is beginning... I can draw the crowd.

Favorite of the night

I was feeling lousy tonight, but this kid's face cheered me.

14 Months

Bad angle on photo. Family was very happy. I wasn't trying to be cute with it, but everyone walking by kept saying, "AH, so cute, so cute, AH, that's precious, AH, so cute." Oh, well.

Kid loved it.

Mother didn't.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Sailboat in the water

I'm finally finished (kinda) and got the thing in the water today. It was great! I could easily paddle it like a canoe, and it sailed fine with my little polytarp sail, although it has a leeward helm (the center of lateral resistence is obviously abaft the center of effort). More modifications to come, but for now, I can have some adventure. Woo-hoo! It's everything I've wanted. Stable, unsinkable, paddle-able, .... Sweet.

Funny Unhappy UK guy (and wife)

He was funny during the drawing, and unhappy when he saw it. But his family was roaring with laughter. I mean, it was pretty exciting. That's when I love my job.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Fellow Artist

This is Dante at Animal Kingdom Park. We sometimes draw each other when it's slow. I didn't stretch this one much. I wanted to do one that I'd be sure he'd like.

Funny Stuff (samples)

Three Brothers

Pushin' it a little more tonight.

Saturday, August 12, 2006


Ok, some of you know I have a sailboat, some don't. Anyway, here it is! I bought it (very) used about a year ago, and have been slowly making repairs and modifications. It's a "US-1" racing dinghy, 15.5 feet long, but narrow, like a canoe. It has a BIG sail and tall mast. I decided long ago that if I wanted to enjoy it, and relax in it and fish and even go "camping/cruising" in it, I would need to make modifications. So, I've made a smaller sail and mast, and I've made outriggers, which you can see in the photo. The outriggers aren't quite finished yet, but almost! Plus, I've purchased "2-part floatation foam" with which I'll completely fill the interior closed spaces (although not the cockpit), which will make the vessel unsinkable. So I'm very excited. I desperately needed to find something to get me out of the house, you know, and get some sun and exercise. I really, really need this, and I mean desperately. I'll update with on-the-water pics soon!

A Couple of Couples

Well received, but the little boy kept running around saying, "I look weird! I look weird!" And, I should say I tried some "composition" in that one, with the boy LEANING in toward his sister, and his sister pushed against the far border and looking back at her brother with suspicion, which seemed to be the relationship. I did a similar thing the night before with a boyfriend/girlfriend drawing; the guy was over-the-top, and the girl kept quiet and leaned away, in a sense, it seemed to me.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Live stuff! Exaggerating a little more.

Ok, this is what a blog is for: LIVE CARICATURES! Woo-hoo! These are some of the ones I did tonight. I'm still not pushing the exaggeration as much as I'd like, but it's improving. Some of them are quite FUNNY at least, I think. (Sorry for the lousy photography. The flash completely washed-out the drawings. The colors are much richer in reality. Even the line work is affected. Damn.)...

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Fellow Caricaturist

This is my most recent sketch. Rob Westall of the NCN. Great eyes.


Here's a weird drawing of Ted Tucker. I kinda like it.


Some actual retail drawings.

Here's couple of retail style (read: tame) drawings.

First Post on My Very Own Blog!

Ok, so here's my first post. And here's a self-portrait. I NEVER do self-portraits, really, but I'm feeling confident at the moment, and a little inspired, with creative energy to spare, so I did a quick one in pencil and ink.