Sunday, April 20, 2008

Is my thinking fundamentally flawed?

All my life, more or less, especially during my adult years, I've considered mankind to be a fine, good entity. Mistakes will happen, but, I have thought, the goal of the good is universal. Now, I am thinking, such speculation is incorrect. You see, the Internet has opened all sorts of knowledge, and I've been reading A LOT recently, and watching the videos of the History Channel, among others. I'm finding terrible things in our history. Things of history which are virtually without controversy. Things which define us as evil, more or less. And I'm not talking about NAZIs, necessarily, but about the United States, and ancient Greece, and the fella next door, and my own soul. The perils of optimism seem to be overtaking me....
...To be continued... ...

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Esly Carrero said...

Is your thinking fundamentally flawed???
umm.. duh! Of course it is! lol!
(just joking Tim)

No.. it's not flawed..
You just seem to be forgetting about the good things in our history as well. Some things in History have been great too! There are still great moments that have made the U.S. a wonderful place to be.

Not just wonderful, but a spoiled nation to be in. lol! I'm telling you this, cause now that I'm living someplace else.. ((even though, it IS a 1st world country as well))... AMERICA IS FULLLLL OF AN ABUNDANCE of RAVISHING PROSPERITY!!! More than what it looks like!

Humans & all cultures around the entire world lack a bit of good in them.. if your talking about "purity & goodness" and what not. But whether there have been problems caused by lack of past good decision making... I can tell you that out of the handful of them.. America's up at the top of being an amazing place that others only wish they could be like or be equal to.

As for being evil.... 'the prince of darkness' walks on the earth.
Therefore, unless we are individually "on guard" & have the only "One" on our side that can save us from evil, we will be led, decieved & manipulated into letting evil take control over our lives forever.

There is not one person on this earth that can claim his own goodness (when I say goodness, I mean.. purity & perfection).