Monday, May 19, 2008

Adjusting Angelina

OK, so I threw-in some hair highlights... Not perfect, but better... Think I'm gonna just stop right here. I see some things to work on, but I need to get started on something new...


Esly Carrero said...

That looks really really good now! It sharpened it up a whole lot! I love it!!!

From the post before...
Are you sure about those copyright laws??? Isn't it your own version of artwork.. so now it's your copyright? I think if you had taken a photo with a camera.. then, that of course would be copyright. But being that you yourself painted it in YOUR OWN way, along with your own perspective of likeness... it's not copyrighted to anyone else.

Just like at work, with Disney cartoons. Once you change the fish from the little mermaid and remove the blue stripes.. it's now NOT the flounder character... ya know? It's your own fish.

This painting you did is more yours than anyone whether you got help with direction or not. hmm... I think you should re-check that information. Then sell it to Angelina for $3,000 to $6,000. Then mail me a thousand for giving you the idea to sell it. lol!

As for Joy... um.. I don't think I'm being to hard on her. I really think if you allowed anyone to compare the two.. they'd choose yours. Maybe it's cause you have caricature training & that's altered you to push if further then anyone who does portraits.

Also, as Keelan has mentioned in the past.. If you force yourself to exaggerate... the drawing or artwork tends to look MORE like the subject. When you don't it looks LESS like the subject!

Anyways, back to the painting, this looks awesome! You didn't over-do it either! It looks great!

Tim Gardner said...

Esly, you're funny. And to be honest, I don't really know anything about copyright laws, except to be careful/respectful. ...And, yes, my years of caricaturing, I think, helps me see certain things: for instance, it always seems that Angelina has one eye "on the verge" of squinting, so I tried to get that. Also, the lighting in the original photo seemed harsh, so I softened it in a sense, which helped round the structures on the face, although I think I could have been more creative with the shadowing, more dramatic. Oh, well... Thanks again.