Saturday, April 04, 2009

Sheeeeee-ty Couple of Days

...But drawing tonight at home really calmed me down. I had received some absolutely HORRIBLE news a couple of days ago, and have been FREAKING OUT. Emotional stability is NOT my strength.
Anyway... I finally made a little progress on my portrait of Lawrence and his wife tonight. (I keep my sailboat tied to his dock down on Tampa Bay.) He gave me a wonderful but very small photograph. Impossible, really. So I had Mike scan it and email the image. You can see the printed photo and then the PC screen image in one of the pics I've provided below. Better, larger, but still not great. I would've printed-out a couple of full-size pages for the faces, but my printer is out of ink, and I am out of money. So, I took "comparative" measurements directly from the screen, and, voila, I got a couple of acceptable likeness which can be transferred to the canvas. It's really just a starting point, but, man, I've been sketching these two off and on for two or three weeks, and it's high time I got this thing done and delivered. Now for the fun part: oil paint!


Esly Carrero said...

So have you finished this one?

Tim Gardner said...

NO, I'm still working on it.