Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Goodbye, Wind Song

The sad day has come. I've gotten rid of my beloved Islander 24 sailboat, Wind Song. I'm giving it to my good friend Radar. He always admired it, and he's helped me a lot, really a lot, and so it just seemed natural. She's actually not worth much, so I think it's a blessing that he wants it. ...Wind Song, may your trim be taut and your hull moving cleanly for years to come.

I haven't be on her for a couple of months, and the rain got to her. First, today, I saw that she is sitting much too low in the water:

And then I discover the culprit (as I had guessed)...a great deal of water inside:

And as for me? I'm gonna sail around the world in a secret vessel. More to come!

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Tim Gardner said...

OK, so the deal on the secret vessel fell through, so... I'm just a regular ol' non-sailor for the moment. How boring!