Sunday, November 07, 2010

Boat Portrait

I took this photo before it was finished... Later I adjusted the clouds, and added more clouds, and whatnot, and then didn't get a photo of the finished piece. ...Not completely happy with this, but landscapes are new to me.
...Acrylic on wood panel, 36 X 24 inches. ...For a hundred bucks, I'll do another one... hint hint...


Dave Fontana said...

Nice, Tim.

I'm sure ya might get some commissions on a full sail sunset bow with the boat's name displayed.

Back in L.A., visiting friends, family and my west coast sea n' skies.
Doing animation again, right now for Genna Davis' voice... beautiful lips.

Straight Ahead,
Yer AKPJ Matey,

Esly Carrero said...

Nice work Tim! Love the sailboat hooked up to the dock. Wonderfully painted.