Thursday, May 17, 2007

My Very First Oil Painting

I wasn't going to post this photo because the flash distorted the hues and values too much, but I figure there's no harm in showing it. Specifically, in the shadow area, the reflected blue light is actually MUCH darker, maybe a value 4 rather than the value 6 or so which it appears to be in the photograph. In fact, the entire composition is rather low key, and a good lamp must be used to bring out the light. ... And this IS my very first oil painting EVER. It's alla prima, starting with a direct sketch with raw umber and then low values with alizarin crimson, and then higher value hues. I watched a grainy video demonstration on YouTube and tried to copy it. It is somewhat successful. And, yes, that's the bathroom vent above the toilet. A good place for it, I think.... By the way, it's an apple. LOL.

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Esly Carrero said...

Cool! Hey Tim! Great Job... but you need to paint more fruit!! Where's the oranges & grapes???

I love oil painting.. except for the fact that it's so messy & time consuming. I'm so glad that your trying out so many new things! That's so awesome! Talk to you soon! ;o)