Sunday, August 19, 2007

My New Home

Some of you know this, and others do not, but I have a new "home." Well, okay, I technically still live in my same old apartment, but my new home is now completely purchased, and I have a clear title from the state of Florida, and one day I'll move onto it. Her name is Wind Song, and we are developing a special relationship. She's an old Islander 24, with full keel, and these things have sailed around the world. It's that kind of boat. And my other sailboat? Well, I only had a down-payment on it, actually, and it's not really an "ocean-going" boat, so I'm getting rid of it. (It's a Starwind 22.) ... Anyway, Wind Song is tied to a dock in Apollo Beach (Tampa Bay), and I'm spending all my time and all my money on her. She's been neglected, but she's still beautiful. I'll update her refit often.


Esly Carrero said...

cool pictures Tim. I thought the boat was bigger? ..or maybe I'm getting confused with the old one from before. ???

Tim Gardner said...

This one is only slightly larger than the other one, but this boat's DESIGN and construction are suited to open ocean cruising, while the other boat was suited for calmer waters, as in bays and coastal areas.