Friday, February 22, 2008

Beginning the Underpainting

Beginning the cheetah mural underpainting. The cheetah ALONE is 21" X 30", by the way. The mural as a whole is 5' X 3'. Kinda small, but if I were making it a complete thing, I'd either expand it some and/or add a trompe l'oeil window area of stone or brick or something.
...Whew! I have such little experience painting, and have never done wildlife, except for that one little dolphin last year. Anyone can see how I'm slowly, slowly doing a little bit at a time here... First the careful drawing, then stopping, worrying, playing video games and weeping for a week, then painting the first layer of spots, and more gnashing of teeth and roaming the Internet for hours and hours, and then *suddenly* at 2 AM I jump up and throw on much of the underpainting values, and snap a pic. I'm hilarious. ...Also, note that the flash really "warmed up" the hues here. They are NOT that orange! It's just yellow ochre and burnt umber and a little mars black. ...

Anyway, just the beginning! Hours and hours of layers and layers of fur and the proper hues and final details. Wish me luck! (Oh, and then the background, lol.)

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