Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mystery Comment

Hmm, so I got this comment on my birthday post. (See February 8 post.) It's interesting. It appeals to my suspicion that I, quite frankly, SUCK as an artist:

"Perhaps you have talent, I don't know, but I do know this: it'd be hard to come to that conclusion based on the drawings you have posted on your blog. Your stuff looks pretty amateurish to me, amateurish, uninspired and insipid -- if you're unsuccessful, maybe that's more of the reason why. Check out some drawings by the old masters and note the differences 'tween your stuff and there's. Perhaps you should quit lamenting about how talentedly unsuccessful you are, open your eyes and realize your stuff is pretty crappry (there's no life in your stuff...a faithful copy -- with no interpretation, no interesting linework, nothing -- of a photo, I mean come insipid can you get?) and do something to change that. Just my two cents.... "

....Anyone know who left this? It was signed "Anonymous." I thought, at first, it was some random person throwing-out grief for their own satisfaction. But on second glance, it's pretty clear that this is a fellow artist. I'm guessing the artist is either someone I know at CC, or someone from the NCN. I did a search on the NCN Forum for some of the words used, like INSIPID and AMATEURISH. I've narrowed it down to three people. Of course, I'm probably way-off, but who knows? It's all very interesting. It's like a crime I'm trying to solve. Funny. Nobody ever comments on my art, really, so to have this mystery comment appear, well, it's strange and disconcerting. I'd LOVE to have help with my art, but I'm not sure if ANONYMOUS is more concerned with helping me or with burying his/her own inadequacies in slights of others. Sad and weird is how I feel in the end.


KeelanParham said...

Man, don't you have blogger set where you can approve a post or not? I never would've posted that jerk's post. Sorry, but if you have to post as "anonymous", you're a real wuss. Gutless.

You, though, have lots of guts to post it. Don't let it get to you. He or she obviously needs help and sucks themselves. The first thing I've learned about people who are truly gifted themselves is that they are very gracious to others. They realize the old adage that "the more you know, the less you know" , is true. I've met a lot of the "greats" these past few years, and am personal friends with many of them. Not ONE of THEM would've said this junk. Anybody else couldn't hold a candle to them, and doesn't have the right to say this kind of stuff.

We're all, anybody's who worth their artistic weight, trying to improve constantly. Maybe you're a bit more honest about it than some, and maybe you jump around a lot, from media to media, but who cares? It's your artistic journey, and you're honest about it.

"Anonymous" needs to step up and be a man....quite hiding.

Esly Carrero said...

you said that so well.

Tim, he's right you know.
(Keelan, I mean)
Anyone who can't admit to who he/she is, obviously isn't bold enough to stand behind what they say. If they had any understanding of art at all or had any confidence in their words.. they would've easily have left their name. But.. apparantly not, therefore, none of it matters & none of it is true.

The person definitely has his or her own issues that need to be dealt with.

You're just honest guy that posts about how you feel about your work & the things your going through..

So, don't let some anonymous dude who hides - put rubbish ideas into your head. That's just annoying.

Tim Gardner said...

Thanks, guys. I don't do much to filter comments, unless I start having a problem. I think I can delete anything I don't like, anyway. But this person's comment was so stunning, and interesting, that I left it. ...But, yeah, thanks for "stickin' up for me." My confidence is usually on the edge of collapse... lol...

The enigmatic Wayne C Spencer said...

That stinks, man.

I wouldn't worry about it too much, though. People say dumb and mean shit sometimes. It is the way of people.

I guess it could be somebody you work with, but Blogger also had a random blog feature, so it could just as easily be somebody who was just bored.

Don't worry about it too much

Tim Gardner said...

Thanks, Wayne.. . Hey, all my best friends are commenting on this. Now, if only I could get all of you to "get along" together better... LOL... Let's not go there...

Esly Carrero said...


Michael "Locoduck" Duron said...

Yep I commented on the actual post about this. Whoever it was gets off on hiding behind the net and saying whatever the hell they want.
Screw em.
I get crap like that from time to time as well. It's always fun to shoot back, shut them up, and move on.

brian said...

Like I said before T zone this person is not a True Artist! For true Artist are UNASHAMED of their expressions and OPENED for critique and rebutle! This COWARD is a DISGRACE and should not be taken seriously even if they REVEAL their identity!! Furthermore they are a FRAUD and best not unveil their identity or spew in this or any other forum again! What a pitifully sad person!