Friday, March 20, 2009

Slow week...

My attempt at a VERY minimalist Kenny Durkin.
And this one: Too risque? Let me know. I can always delete it. I just think it's cute and innocent. Of course, I'm a naive IDIOT!
I finally visited my friends at Ka-Blam, and this is what I found as I walked in the front door. Wow! These guys are intense. (Michael, Jenni, Barry, and Thomas.)
My good friend Patrick is a kind of artist/superhero/Don Juan. (Or so he says).


Esly Carrero said...

These are freakin' crazy Tim!!

1st. The Kenny one is interesting... with the blue eyes flaring out.

2nd. Barbie is crazy lookin'. I see what you mean.. It definitely was on the verge of Riss-kay. Did Keelan kick your butt for drawing his wife that way? lol.

3rd. This one & the next are definitely my two favorite! You nailed the whole gang. Barry, Tommy, Jenni & Michael are totally hilarious! What is that thing boldging out on barry between his legs..?! haha! What in the...worrld??! lol.

4th. That one of Patrick matches his new personality ever since he lost all that weight & beefed himself up. You nailed him! I like the girl on the side too! I'm stealing her.. except going to put more clothes on her. ;D

Yeah.. thsie are great! Nice work! What books are you studying? You can tell your hanging around Duron a lot.. or at least.. his work!

Tim Gardner said...

Studying? lol, I'm too lazy... Although I've read through Danger Girl a lot!... Me and Mike don't see much of each other, really, but he and you both always influenced me, I'm sure. ...Yeah, that Kenny drawing is a bit of a failed experiment, but interesting, funny... Thanks for being so nice.

Kenny Durkin said...

The Kenny wantee.

Tim Gardner said...

You got-ee Kenny. Will leave at Pop.