Thursday, March 26, 2009

Why I don't use drugs

Of course, I have more than one reason I don't use drugs.  For instance, most mood-altering drugs tend to degrade other pleasures and interests, which I find more important, like clear thinking.  Clear thinking is a miracle, really.  To be able to see the world in our minds, and fashion it as we will, and communicate these thoughts to others, clearly (as I'm trying to do now) is a blessing from the Cosmos or from God, or however you wish to characterize it.  But drugs all too often inhibit this.
     Another reason I don't use drugs: I don't want to support drug cartels.  The suffering we Americans hand-down to these poor nations is reprehensible.  I shall not be part of it.  This video is yet another example of this specific horror visiting our brothers and sisters, our neighbors, in Mexico:

And here's yet another horrible story just today (by Anderson Cooper, CNN):

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Esly Carrero said...

That's like so sad.. you just took away the appreciation I had for guns.. by sharing this sad story.