Wednesday, July 08, 2009


I know, I know, this is just a silly video about a teenage girl, yet somehow it has always had a strong effect on me. The theme of being an artist (or simply being a human) who doesn't connect with ANYONE is powerful in the context of my personal history, and I find the Linkin Park music compelling.

Linkin Park- Numb


Tim Gardner said...

Wow, I was just watching this again, and I noticed something that EXACTLY reminds me In the video, the protagonist is always walking around slowly, or sitting and drawing slowly, while the world is rushing about, frantic and fast. That is EXACTLY how I have ALWAYS felt in life. I remember as a kid in elementary school, even, when, in 5th grade they were trying to get me to read faster, but I was always too fascinated by the inner characteristics of the sentences, and the shapes of the words--I remember this very clearly--and how in some areas of sentences there are a lot of spaces and other areas there is density... boy oh boy did I get in trouble for being too slow... And then in high school, college, and later in the work force, everyone has always said FASTER FASTER FASTER, while I have this infuriating infatuation with "hanging back" and observing and thinking... Of course, then I taught myself to draw... And what happens? "Faster! Go faster!" they say. LOL... And I remember a girl breaking-up with me in college: "Tim, you're always just so serious and deliberate. Loosen-up, run, sing, like me, I'm always singing..."...and all I can think about as she's saying this is how frail and long her neck seems to be, and how her lower lip glimmers in the light, and how I shall not allow myself to be upset. I never saw her again.

Esly Carrero said...

awww.. that's like.. such a sad story. lol.

hmm.. I think most artists contemplate on visuals more then the rest of the world. I think ppl. tend to take things for granted. The world around us is amazingly created with so much detail in pretty much everything you look at.

The other day. I had the t.v. on.. and while it was filling the minds of quick flashes of commercials & advertisements for the instant gratification of watchers.. I then, turned down the volume... then, turned my head.... & looked out the window. I got to watch an entire sunset change to so many different colors and from dark to light.

The next day I did the same thing.. but watched the sunset as it went down... again changing different colors all over again. It was like a whole new enchanting piece of artwork in the sky.

Most ppl. don't even take the time out to see this canvas take place above our heads. It's so sad.

B.T.W. My little brother LOVES linkin park. lol.