Sunday, August 02, 2009

Kruger No Longer Doing Caricatures?

I've mentioned this before, but today I found this on

"Krüger considers himself a portrait painter. Although many of his early commission jobs were for cartoons and caricature type images, Krüger’s free time was dedicated to his greatest love, portrait painting. In 2005 Krüger made the decision to discontinue painting cartoon or caricature-like genre commissions. Nowadays Krüger mostly paints for himself or creates commissioned pieces for private collectors."

...Hmm... I bet he still plays around with caricaturing when he's doodling... It's simply too much fun...


Esly Carrero said...

I personally think he does too! Who could ever stop drawing caricatures once they've done it? Once your hooked, your hooked! haha.

Hey.. I know you don't like to take anyone's advice.. as we all know! lol.. but to make this blog funner.. couldn't you just add some pictures to each post even if it's not about drawing and stuff? Like on this one.. put a picture of Kruger.. and on your philosphy below put like.. something representing your philosophy? lol.

It'd make it more fun for us all! Being that you want all these followers and stuff! lol. :D

Esly Carrero said...

oh sorry.. you did put one for your philosopby.. but it was too small. You need a bigger photo. he-hee! ;D

Tim Gardner said...

Yes, I do not take advice. Also, the pic was the one which came with the article. Ha!