Friday, September 22, 2006

Emphasis on likeness

What happened to the flash? Don't know. But I kinda liked this one. I'm working on straight likenesses lately. I don't use a pencil underlayer, so the marker is flying free. Usually this is okay, but occasionally I REALLY would like to make a correction. Oh well. Patrons are really loving this style, almost a portraiture.


Steve said...

Tim, this is great and I love it! Keep the free hand style without the pencil sketch underneath, it's a fun way to push yuorself harder to make less and less mistakes. Good Job buddy!

Tim Gardner said...

Actually, Steve, for the two years that I've been caricaturing, my usual method is to NOT use a pencil. I will however grab one when I'm experimenting or pushing myself in new directions, but I've never liked "drawing the picture twice" when speed is important. Thanks for the nice comments again.