Friday, March 28, 2008

Butt Sketches

Surprise, surprise! I somehow got a butt sketching gig. And only 4 days notice! ...So, what'd I do tonight? I drew some butt sketches, of course! Actually, they're really fun. I've only practiced these a couple of times in the past (like, a year ago!), and I've never used a marker (pencil only), but here I am, about to go to a gig next Tuesday. Whew! That email frightened me. ...I immediately got out a Pitt brush pen and used that, after carefully penciling it all in. Whole thing takes about 10 minutes. I need to cut that down to about 4 or 5 minutes, I think. Shouldn't be a problem. ... Now, most of these drawings (which I include here) are based on drawings in Keelan's website (K.Parham, that is). But that's only because it's really hard to get reference material for this sort of stuff. In real life, people don't STOP very often, and then online I simply can't find much, just hit and miss, here and there. So I just looked at Keelan's drawings and pretended they were real people. It's funny, because, at first, I tried to match the pics EXACTLY, but then I felt my own style coming on, and I just let it go. ...Not perfect, but I'm satisfied with these early attempts. I'm sure to be practicing these a lot more in the next 3 days. Whew!
(Note: That other one is of a Chinese girl painting... Just an image from the WWW.) ...Hmm, I need to get proper markers for shading...


KeelanParham said...


My advice? Go to the mall! Seriously.
"Secretly" draw people as they walk by, stand in line in the food court, etc.

As for the shading, I use black prismacolor pencils combined with Chartpak grays. Usually Cool Grays 1 and 2, Warm Grays 1 and 2, Basic Grays 1 and 2.

Also, studying Hank Ketcham (yes, Dennis the Menace) helped me on my clothing folds and wrinkles.

Hope this helps. You'll do great!
(If I didn't think so, we wouldn't have booked you on it!)

Tim Gardner said...

Thanks for the advice. This'll be fun. I just may be a little slow. ...I still can't believe people pay us to simply

Esly Carrero said...

I love the fig drawings you put out when you do.. Tim. You will never have a problem developing new techniques.. long as you practice as you always do. Great job on the practicing.