Tuesday, March 25, 2008

www.TimothyBrentGardner.com !!!

OK, I took Wayne's advice and grabbed my own name for my website. That's my whole name, and when I googled it, ZERO results came up. That means, if someone hears of me in the future (after I get my site up) I'll be the first and/or ONLY "Timothy Brent Gardner." Can't get more unique than that! ...Also, I had read that your own name makes for a more serious tone. If you're gonna command high prices for your portraits, let's say, (or whatever), then "Pretty Portraits" or "Portraits by Bob," or something like that, suggests a hobbyist, not a professional. ...Also, thanks to JIMMY (at CC) for suggesting GoDaddy.com. Got the thing for $10. Network Solutions charges $35. What's up wit dat???
...This also means that I need to put "Timothy Brent Gardner" on EVERYTHING.
...OK, so that's kinda long. Hmm... My friends can just call me SIR. ....he-hee-he-hee


Esly Carrero said...

ur gonna put Timothy Brent Gardner on ALLLLLL of ur drawings... for real???? That's crazy. lol.

Tim Gardner said...

Well, NOT my caricatures, I guess... I'm seriously considering formal portraiture, but that's a BIG step, really. At least I now have my name reserved.