Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fast/Cleanse Day 2 of 25

Today was fine. Not hungry. Got grouchy at work tonight, shoulder hurting, people in weird mood, cold, or maybe it was just me. ...I'm allowing myself a little diet soda at work, to keep the headaches away, and I'm allowing myself a little red wine before bed, for health, but those are the only modifications to the Master Cleanse I'm making. And I planned this before I started the cleanse this time. I noticed last time that a little diet soda cured the detox headaches, and that a little wine didn't seem to change the daily "eliminations" or anything, so I've added these modifications to keep my mind at ease, or as comforts. I want to be able to live my life for the next month without worrying about "breaking" the cleanse by a slip-up with caffeine or wine, and to feel rather "normal," and I think keeping caffeine in my system will encourage me, psychologically, to keep up the fast. And a little wine to finish the day is a very nice comfort.... Maybe the cleanse won't work quite right, but I think it will. If it doesn't work, then I'll know. But if it does work fine, then I know I can more easily do the fasting a few times a year, without any kind of worry. And I hope to get completely off caffeine this year. I'm taking it slow, as far as that goes. It's tough, what with the headaches and craving. Caffeine is definitely a drug.

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