Thursday, November 15, 2007

First day with a real airbrush

It took two days, and trips to Michael's and Target and Home Depot, but I finally got my airbrush system working (almost) properly. And, this evening, I spent a few hours playing. All the books say to practice making dots and lines of various sizes, and then DAGGER STROKES. The dagger thingys are fairly difficult for a newbie, because you must simultaneously: 1)Move the airbrush across the paper smoothly; 2)Start the movement/stroke high-off the paper, and then smoothly slide downward toward the paper; 3)Start the stroke with full color pressure on the trigger, and smoothly lower the color pressure/amount until there's nothing; 4)Go the direction/angle/curve you want! But I was kinda able to get the hang of it. The photos show my practice sheets and "studio." Wow, the mystery of the airbrush. But I'm starting to understand it. Sweet.

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