Monday, November 12, 2007

Spray Paint: Version 2.0: Airbrush and Murals

Ah, the airbrush. I love the "look" of good airbrush art. "Like a dream," I heard one artist say. Sweet. But I've never used one. Sure, I've used spray cans a little, but am unsatisfied. What I've discovered recently is that airbrushes can produce VERY fine lines, and can be manipulated like any DRAWING instrument. Yet they can produce perfect soft fades. ...So, yeah, I bought one. OK, OK, it's just a super-cheap airbrush, and I'm using a pressurized air can as the air source, but that's all I could afford at the moment. (Actually, tomorrow, I'm getting a whole, nice set-up from a friend: professional airbrush, quiet airbrush compressor, and a bunch of paint. I'm stoked!)
Anyway, so I've played-around a little with the super-cheap set-up, practicing making dots, lines, fades, whatnot, and then I "drew" a quick face, which took about five minutes, and stands about 4 feet in length. Fun! I mean, this lousy airbrush only produces a THICK line, but practice is practice. Any new instrument has a big/steep learning curve. Then again, this feels darn natural. (As my friend Mike says, I haven't found my artistic "niche" yet. Perhaps murals [in airbrush] is it. We'll see. I hope so!) ...So I continued to practice, but I had to stop. The air line kept freezing-up with the propellant, so you must stop after a few minutes, and let it warm-up. Frustrating!


-Mike "El Loco One" said...

Looks good. Although not sure why you changed Mr Duron to Mike. :o)

Tim Gardner said...

LOL, I wondered if you noticed that. I don't know; I re-read it, and it sounded weird, so I changed a couple of things. *shrugging shoulders*

Esly Carrero said...

uh.. *whining!* Now I've gotta get an airbrush. It looks like it could be really fun!