Wednesday, November 21, 2007


This day, the day before Thanksgiving, I suppose we're all thinking of FAMILY. But I'm thinking of something more powerful: FRIENDSHIP. Friendship is more powerful than family because we CHOOSE friendship. Now, I'm not talking about acquaintance, or working relationships, or roommates. I'm talking about friendship we choose for no other reason than mutual respect and agreement, and perhaps something more, something beyond what I can quantify at the moment. These are the people who share our views of the fundamental questions in life, as well as, perhaps, our most pleasurable pursuits, hobbies, interests, whatever, as well as that undefinable thing, you know what I mean, an attraction, a tug at our souls. These people, these true FRIENDS, meet us deep in our hearts, and dwell there for our whole lives, no matter the geographical separation.
But such people are rare. How many can you name? If you have ONE true friend, count yourself lucky. More than one? You're a god. ...Is your spouse a true friend? Now THAT is a good question for many.
Real friendship is the most powerful political entity we'll ever experience. We gladly will die for such friendship, not because we're brave, but because it's an act of survival. To have a true friend is to look in the mirror.
Thanksgiving is an artificial occasion FORCING us to be with family briefly. Friendship is it's antithesis.


Kenny Durkin said...

Great sentiment Tim.

Esly Carrero said...

um.. yeah!


To all those who didn't come see me when I flew HALF WAY AROUND THE WORLD TO COME VISIT!

yeah.. I guess I'll forgive all of you. Though.. a phone call could have helped at least. No hard feelings... I understand ur 2 busy 2 C me. *sniffle*sniffle*

Thanks Tim for showing up.

Thanks Michael McElroy,
Thanks Barbie,
and thanks MaryKay (who I never even met.. but was still nice enough to show up.)