Friday, June 27, 2008

Go small, go cheap, go now

{OK, one more post... lol...}

Go small, go cheap, go now... That's a phrase you might hear from time to time, or something like it. And I am being forced to do just that. Or maybe it's the Evil Tim lurking inside my head. That's it. He's arranged all this for me.

This is the dinghy sailboat I'm building, although with some minor changes. It's just about the smallest, simplest boat one can create, and still have capacity for lots of stuff and for coastal cruising. I'll have my backpacker stove, and food and water and wine, and a bucket as the all-important head. I'll have an AM/FM radio, and a VHF radio, and maybe put a couple of solar panels on it. Maybe get a laptop. And I'll have all the clothes I need, and fishing equipment, and art supplies/equipment. Yes, it all should fit. This boat will hold me plus about 400 lbs. of supplies. I'll place a tarp over the boom as a tent, and I have mosquito netting. I'll have my knife, a few good books, and the whole world to explore! Don't worry about me. Calm yourself by saying, "He's just crazy," and go back to watching TV. I'll be fine.

These funny-looking, squarish sailboats are said to sail really well, to all points of wind, and around 3 to 4 knots. I'll paint little murals of dolphins and mermaids (in acrylics) on the outside. Cool. ...Until my finances improve, this may indeed be my home, of sorts (with occasional stops at my big sailboat). Ah, adventure!

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