Monday, October 29, 2007


Ok, ok, I PROMISE I've finally figured-out what sort of art upon which I wish to concentrate! I've often thought about murals (and faux painting) as a possibly satisfying artistic endeavor. That's why I started studying acrylics and color theory a few months ago. There's a real market out there, and I like the ego-boosting idea of this BIG art form out in the public (or in a home). (Plus, it pays well.) But, man, as I collected several books and videos on the subject, the whole project appeared so complicated, well, I just felt defeated before I even got started. But, the other day, I decided, Dammit!, I REALLY need to get on with SOMETHING. (I don't feel comfortable with the idea of house, boat and pet portraits, so I've abandoned that idea.) Anyway, so I started clearing-out my utility room. And then, as luck would have it, I ran into an old artist acquaintance who does murals. She said she needed help with murals on a regular basis, and was basically willing to teach me what she knows. Wow! So, I finished cleaning-out my utility room, and bought a couple of drywall sheets, and bought some house paint and craft paint (to go along with my acrylic artists paint) and started on my very first mural this weekend. You can see it, half-finished, in the photo. And, gosh, I really enjoy working at this scale, I realize. The REACHING over my head bothers my shoulder, so I'll need to be careful there, and use step ladders and scaffolding and whatnot to reduce the strain. (I can also use my left arm for a lot of the "dumb" painting.) But this is COOL. I'm VERY happy happy happy. And with my friend helping me, I do believe I've found my "niche," and a kind of new career. We'll see. I have a lot to learn!


Esly Carrero said...

Awesome Tim! Looks Great!

Quick Question though... About how many cans of paint did you use to do just that big board in the photo? I'm skeptical as to how much cost the supplies are.. you know?

Tim Gardner said...

Supply cost is minimal, a few dollars at most. ...Actually, I never finished this "wall," due to the fact that I didn't have an adequate reference.