Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Some Art, Finally

Some caricatures from today, live at Disney. I put away my pencil and did these with marker only, trying to increase my speed:

A "Bikini Babe," cute but a bad likeness, and some bad proportions (and she HAD to have her dog in it, lol):

A Face Only, not too bad a likeness, and she wanted to be making a "peace" sign:

Three sisters. The father said to not write their names, and he really loved the result.

And then one just for fun, from yesterday. I saw a forlorn fellow, harried among the chaos of All-Star Sports Resort's crowds of children and weeping..., so I drew him from memory, imagining his plight:

1 comment:

Kenny Durkin said...

If only ALL the guests would request "no names". It looks so much better.