Thursday, October 11, 2007

I got a hug tonight!

This girl took one look at her picture, then looked at me, then looked at her picture, and then looked at me again and put her arms around me for a couple of seconds. I think her mother cried. Nobody said anything. Man, I'm a shy person, but moments like that make me want to keep drawing caricatures forever. There was a large crowd around, and everyone was quiet. Haunting.


Kenny Durkin said...

Awesome story Tim. She walked away with more than just a picture, and left you with more than just money. Moments like those don't happen often enough, but they still happen. Congrats, man.

-Mike "El Loco One" said...

pssst. I told her to do that, it was my cousin. No I'm just messing with you. She hugged you because it's a damn good picture. So much so that when I see you on Sunday, I'll hug you myself.

KeelanParham said...

Awwww...great story, buddy. Great pic, as well.

..Kinda looks like a younger Esly to me. Ya know?

Much younger, since Esly's getting so old... (Let's see if she's reading this...)

Esly Carrero said...

I HEARD THAT KEELAN!!! (or in this case.... I read that!!!) >:(

lol! you nut-ball! Your lucky I'm not there to swap you one. lol. I guess I hit everyone enough in the arm/shoulder to last for the next century. haha!

Anyway, cool drawing Tim. :) That story touches our hearts... and just brings a tear to my eye.
:) lol.

Tim Gardner said...

Hey Mike, I worked with you on Sunday, and you didn't hug me. What's up with THAT? You tease, you. Anyway, thanks for the comments, guys. These blogs can feel lonely sometimes, so having friends stop by occasionally is really nice. I appreciate it. ...The girl's face is a rather generic "Tim" drawing, I'm afraid, even though I try, I really try.