Saturday, October 06, 2007

Recent Caricatures

The two little kids are from tonight. On the little Mermaid in the tub, the mother had requested "something I can hang in the bathroom to look at while I bathe her." The little girl was 16 months old, but looked older, actually. Cute!


Esly Carrero said...

Tim... those are REALLY AWESOME!
I like the He'll do.. comment. The little girl is sooo adorable!!! The mother had to LOVE that one!
Great Job!!! :)
Man.. stop drawing so good! I'm going to lose my confidence!!!! boohoo! :(

-Mike "El Loco One" said...

Tim that mermaid and fisherman picture is hands down my favorite body situation I've seen from you. I hate drawing the pose because in my opinon it gets so cramped. But you have shown me a new take and done it flawlessly. I love the depth of it.

Tim Gardner said...

Ah, my two mentors, Esly and Mr. Duron. Thanks, guys. My shoulder's killing me, but I've been doing a lot of drawings I really like. Thanks to you two!

Kenny Durkin said...

I am so stealing the baby in the bathtub. Incredible job Tim.