Tuesday, October 09, 2007


A little accident happened last night. I was holding my technical pen in my hand as I wiped away some eraser fragments, and got mad because the little fragments wouldn't get out of my way fast enough, so I really pounded the board, trying to sweep 'em away, and then I realized it: some ink had been dislodged from the pen, and my manic hand movements SMEARED it all over the drawing. See those long strokes in the upper right of the pic? Those ain't seagulls! Ouch. Maybe when I color it, I can add a dark cloud...? Man, I have many hours already in this particular work... My first sailboat! ...New rule: Always use brush to sweep-away eraser fragments.

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Esly Carrero said...

aww.. man.. that sucks. I hate it wehn that happens! big bummer. :(